The Hottle Heat Wrap: A Revolution in Heat Packs

Are you tired of wrestling with your old heat pack, struggling to keep it in place, and wishing for a more convenient, luxurious solution? Well, ladies, I've got some fantastic news for you! Say goodbye to those cumbersome, outdated heat packs and hello to the Hottle Heat Wrap, a game-changing innovation that combines style, comfort, and versatility to revolutionise the way you manage aches and pains.

Designed with us women in mind, this wearable heat pack has been creating quite a buzz, and for good reason. In this blog post, we'll dive into the incredible features of the Hottle Heat Wrap and discover why it's the go-to solution for pain relief and relaxation in Australia

So grab your favourite cup of tea, snuggle up, and let's explore the world of Hottle Heat Wraps together!

Hands-Free and Wearable

Unlike traditional heat packs, the Hottle Heat Wrap is designed to be worn. The strap secures the hottle in place, providing a hands-free solution for pain relief. No longer do you need to hold a heat pack in place or worry about it slipping out of position.

Targeted Relief for Various Body Areas

The Hottle Heat Wrap's innovative design allows it to target specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, lower back, hip, upper back, shoulder, or knee. This versatility ensures that you can find relief for a wide range of aches and pains.

Unique Cover System: Retaining Heat Longer

Memory Foam Insulation

The Hottle Heat Wrap features a unique cover system that holds heat for three times longer than a traditional wheat bag. The memory foam cover insulates the heat, ensuring that the warmth is retained for extended periods.

Soft Faux Fur Top Layer

In addition to its insulating properties, the Hottle Heat Wrap's cover also features a soft faux fur top layer, providing hours of comfort and warmth. This luxurious material not only feels great against your skin but also enhances the overall user experience.

The Reusable Clay Insert: Hot and Cold Therapy

Odourless and Eco-Friendly

The Hottle Heat Wrap's clay insert is odourless when heated and reusable, making it an eco-friendly choice. Unlike single-use heat packs, the clay insert can be used time and time again, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run.

Heating and Cooling Options

The clay insert can be heated in the microwave or on the stove in boiling water, providing you with multiple options for achieving the desired temperature. When frozen, the clay insert maintains its malleability, allowing it to shape around the body for targeted cold therapy.

Adjustable and Versatile Design


Large Practical Clip

The Hottle Heat Wrap is equipped with a large practical clip, making it easy to secure the heat wrap in place. This feature ensures the heat wrap stays where you need it, allowing for uninterrupted therapy and comfort.

Extendable and Adjustable Strap

With an extendable and adjustable strap, the Hottle Heat Wrap can be customised to fit various body types and sizes. This flexibility ensures that the heat wrap provides optimal relief and comfort for a wide range of users.

Easy to Use

Weighing in at only 900 grams, the Hottle Heat Wrap's lightweight design ensures ease of use. The heat wrap can be worn comfortably without feeling heavy or cumbersome, allowing you to go about your day while experiencing the benefits of targeted heat therapy.

Benefits of the Hottle Heat Wrap


Holds Heat for Hours

Thanks to its unique cover system, the Hottle Heat Wrap retains heat for hours, providing longer-lasting relief compared to traditional heat packs. This extended warmth makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a more effective heat therapy solution.

Hot and Cold Therapy

The Hottle Heat Wrap's reusable clay insert can be used for both hot and cold therapy, offering versatility in pain relief and recovery. Users can switch between hot and cold treatments as needed, making it a great all-in-one solution.

Wearable and Adjustable

The Hottle Heat Wrap's wearable and adjustable design allows for targeted relief in various body areas. This flexibility ensures that users can find the perfect fit and experience maximum comfort during their heat therapy sessions.

Unique Layering System

The memory foam insulation and soft faux fur top layer create a unique layering system that enhances heat retention and provides a comfortable user experience. This innovative design sets the Hottle Heat Wrap apart from traditional heat packs.

Lightweight Design

With its lightweight design, the Hottle Heat Wrap is easy to wear and use, making it a convenient option for those seeking effective heat therapy without the bulk or discomfort of traditional heat packs.

Odour Free

The Hottle Heat Wrap's clay insert is odourless when heated, providing a pleasant, scent-free heat therapy experience. This feature is especially beneficial for those with sensitivities to smells or perfumes.


In conclusion, the Hottle Heat Wrap stands out as a market leader in heat pack solutions. Its innovative design, unique features, and benefits make it the ideal choice for those seeking effective pain relief and comfort.

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