A heat pack that stays hotter, for longer


Let’s be honest, there are many heat pack options on the market. A lot of them cheaper than ours. So why choose the hottle heat pack over anything else?

We set out to prove that the hottle really does retain the heat longer than other heat packs on the market so we tested it against the multiple wheat bags and lupin filled heat packs. 

We heated them both and measured the temperature using a thermal camera to check they were at similar starting points. We then measured the temperature at regular intervals and the results speak for themselves…


Traditional heat packs disperse heat from all directions, resulting in a rapidly declining temperature and needed to be reheated after an average of 20 minutes.

We sampled many ways of trying to keep the heat in the wrap for longer. After months of testing, we created our own unique layering system that not only enhances the heat retention, it only allows the heat to be transferred on the side that sits against your body.

The cover also features an adjustable strap, which allows you to wear the heat pack around over your stomach or lower back, without the need to hold it in place.


While many hot and cold packs are filled with gel or various grains, clay packs have the ability to absorb and then release heat for an extended period of time. When combined with our cover system, the heat is maintained for hours.

Clay packs also don't freeze solid, so they have the ability to mold to your body extremely well while still maintaining its temperature.

Feel the difference for yourself!

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