Australia's No.1 Heat Pack

We were sick of reheating our wheat bag, so we solved the problem

Say goodbye to your old wheat bag and hello to the hottle™. A lightweight, handsfree solution to help manage:

Period Cramps

Back Pain

Stomach Bloating

Warmth & Comfort

Finally, a heat pack that actually stays warm!

When we say it lasts longer, we can prove it!

The hottle™ heat pack has an innovative layering system cover, which is designed to enhance heat retention, providing you with a comfortable and soothing experience.

We set out to prove that the hottle really does retain the heat longer than other heat packs on the market by using a thermal imaging camera to test the temperature at regular intervals.

The results speak for themselves...

Need to leave the house?

Take back control

Unlike traditional heat packs, the hottle™ is designed to be worn, offering a hands-free solution for managing pain relief. Allowing you to move around, without having to hold a heat pack in place or worry about it slipping out of position.

Backed by Australian Health Professionals

“I recommend the hottle heat packs to my clients with gut health issues and painful periods. This is a great alternative for women that have an active lifestyle and need a heat solution for their daily activities.”


Trainer & Nutritionist

Your Questions Answered

Without question, there has been many studies and scientific papers to show, heat therapy is a great treatment option for relieving period cramps, bloating, stomach pain and muscle tension.

It works its magic by increasing blood flow to the area that's causing you grief. The heat expands your blood vessels, promoting circulation and delivering much-needed nutrients to your muscles and tissues.

The hottle™ can be used hot or cold, so whether you are experiencing discomfort in your stomach or lower back, we have you covered.

The hottle™ heat packs innovative design allows it to target specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, lower back, hip, upper back, shoulder, or knee. This versatility ensures that you can find relief for a wide range of aches and pains.

With an extendable and adjustable strap, the hottle™ can be customised to fit various body types and sizes. This flexibility ensures that the heat pack provides optimal relief and comfort for a wide range of users.

It can be worn comfortably without feeling heavy or cumbersome, allowing you to go about your day.

The waist strap extends from 68cm to 122cm which is approximately size 6 to 22 (women’s clothing size) for wear around the waist.

Need a little extra room? Check out our extension strap which adds an additional 17-34cm.

The hottle™ is equipped with a large practical clip and an extendable and adjustable strap.

With a total weight of only 900 grams, its lightweight design ensures ease of use.

Hot and cold therapy can be beneficial for people of all ages. Please seek any specific medical advice from your doctor.

Our Bundle option comes with an additional clay insert. This is for those who would like to keep one in the freezer for when you want to use it cold and one available for hot comfort.

Some customers choose to place two clay inserts in the cover, however this is not necessary.

OR the Bestie Bundle option which is a bundle for you and a friend. The perfect gift idea for a loved one!